Month: March 2015

This week is a bit sci-fi

I’ve been a bit slack with the blog posting recently but I have been in the mood for science/futurist/sci-fi, and I’ve been reddit posting accordingly:

  • Could vertical farms significantly reduce impact on the environment? My answer – probably not due to energy constraints. But this other guy on reddit disagrees.
  • Is actively trying to signal aliens dangerous? – Despite objections by some, some scientists have in recent years started sending a signals of our presence to other star systems, in case aliens are there and listening. Dangerous/useless/great? You decide.
  • I discovered that warning people “colonising other planets won’t prevent extinction” in a discussion about a recent article where Stephen Hawking is saying the opposite is exactly as popular as you might imagine.
  • And right up the speculative end on thought – Does Earth need an emergency directed panspermia program? – Basically a dead-man’s trigger for the planet Earth, to shoot out artificial asteroids carrying single-celled organisms, so that life carries on even if it dies on Earth.