A Philosophy of Altruism

Life Ethic - Moral philosophy

This is my attempt to thoroughly explore moral philosophy from a compassionate yet scientific point of view. I try to ask, for those of us who feel any kind of moral instinct or compulsion, what is the nature of that morality? How does modern science come to bear on that nature? How can we rationally pursue a moral path, given the many pitfalls efforts to be moral usually fall into? In doing so I’ve tried to address some of the traditional difficulties science has in grappling with morality – explaining the biological aspects of morality, avoiding the subjectivity of utilitarianism, and tempering the extremes of consequentialism by considering the pursuit of virtue. I hope you enjoy my attempt at a sciency yet humane guide to some age old questions.

  1. The Nature of Morality
  2. Morality Relies on Knowledge
  3. Dynamic Cooperation
  4. From Morality to Ethics
  5. Virtue, Purpose and Knowledge

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