Social Science

This page lists a few thoughts of mine on various topics in social science. Social science isn’t as clear cut as the physical sciences, however I try hard to select topics that are relevant to Technonaturalism and look at things from an objective/scientific point of view.

  • Bias – How our mind and our social situation can conspire to hide the truth from us
  • Power – Realising how the pursuit of power shapes our society is essential if we are to sidestep its harmful effects
  • Social Status – Perhaps even more common than a lust for power is the drive to gain social status (which can be achieved through cooperation or domination)
  • Social Modulation and Social Replacement – Primate brain size is strongly correlated with social group size, and human brains are heavily evolved for social interaction. But the parts of the brain used to judge and interact with other people can sometimes be stimulated by inanimate objects that mimic social interaction. Awareness of this concept allows us to control this force for good and minimise its harm.

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